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Rogue Online Casinos and How to Avoid Them

A rogue casino is basically an unlicensed casino which has scammed one or more players out of their hard-earned cash in one way or another. The most common complaint that players have reported at rogue casinos is that the casino is taking forever to pay the player, or that the casino has made no attempt to pay any winnings at all. In other words, these casinos should be avoided at all costs.

Rogue casinos can also be called scam online casinos, fake online casinos or blacklisted online casinos and they are usually controlled by ruthless operators. If they are fully licensed gambling portals, they are usually NOT licensed in major jurisdictions such as the UK (UK Gambling Commission), Malta (Malta Gaming Authority), Gibraltar (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority), the Isle of Man (Gambling Supervision Commission), Antigua & Barbuda (Directorate of Offshore Gaming), Kahnawake (Kahnawake Gaming Commission) or Curaçao (Curaçao Internet Gaming Association).

Most rogue casinos seem to have obtained a license from jurisdictions such as Anjouan, Belize, Costa Rica or Panama. Some rogue online casinos have even been known to lie about where they are license and have used the stamp of a well-known authority/jurisdiction to appear as though they are fully licensed by a trusted authority. The other types of rogue casinos are simply unlicensed altogether and have no intention of becoming licensed. Should you encounter a problem at one of these unlicensed casinos, you will receive absolutely no legal backing. The best thing to do to find out where a casino is licensed would be to visit the licensing authority’s actual website where you can view a full list of their licensees.

Rogue casinos have also been known to use faulty software to make the odds even more in favour of the house, so if you ever notice that the outcomes of the games are incredibly unrealistic, record your findings and report them to the licensing authority. Don’t forget that the house usually always wins anyway, so this doesn’t mean that you should contact the licensing authority every time you lose your hard-earned cash, only if you spot something untoward.

These dodgy online casinos have also been known to offer some amazing bonuses on their website, but never actually come good with their offers. They will either have ridiculously high wagering requirements which means that it is unlikely you will ever be able to win from their bonus offers, or they will simply not credit your account with the bonus that they promised on their website.

To avoid all of this heartache, we only ever recommend playing in a fully licensed online casino which doesn’t use faulty software and which is controlled by a trustworthy operator who has some kind of proven track record within the online gambling industry. There are hundreds of perfectly secure online casinos out there today and the bad ones are normally really easy to spot. Fortunately there are very few rogue casinos out there, but they do exist, so you should always be vigilant as a player and make sure that the casino is safe before signing up and making a deposit.